master tutors

Michael L. Bardot, Ph.D.

Dr. Michael L. Bardot is graduate of St. Thomas Aquinas High School Seminary, formerly of Hannibal Missouri.  After beginning his collegiate career at the Pontifical College Josephinum, he received his Bachelor of Arts, Summa Cum Laude, from the University of Missouri-St. Louis.  He is a graduate of Saint Louis University, having gained his Masters in Medieval History in 1998, a Certificate in Medieval and Renaissance Studies also in 1998, and his Ph. D. in Medieval History, with Minors in Ancient Rome and Early Modern Europe in 2004. He has been a University Professor since 2004, attaining the rank of Full Professor in 2013, teaching World History with an emphasis in the subject fields of his degree. He has also taught courses at Saint Louis University and the University of Missouri-St. Louis, teaching courses in Western Civilizations and Roman Republic/Empire.

He has worked with the St. John Bosco Co-op in Saint Louis since its foundation, having been a tutor with the founding families of the Co-op since 1998. In that time, he taught many classes for the Co-op and helped its graduates continue their educational journeys into college and beyond.  The list of courses that he has taught for the Co-op include: Ancient History, Medieval History, American History, American Government/Economics, Historical Geography, Latin I, II, and III, and English Grammar and Research Methodology.  Dr. Bardot considers his greatest responsibility and reward to have been involved in the education of Catholic youth for more than 15 years: a task that he has no intention of abandoning.

​In addition to his teaching duties, he has conducted guest lectures, workshops, and presented his research at numerous historical conferences both domestically and internationally.  He has completed one monograph on the King Louis VII and is currently working with colleagues on an edited volume of articles concerning political, military, and social topics from 12th century France.  His research foci include 12th century political consolidation and change, Crusade history, medieval Church history, and the interactions between the medieval West and East. He has been recognized as a member of Who’s Who Among American Teachers in 2007, Who’s Who in America in 2008; and within MontClair’s Who Who Among Collegiate Faculty/Who’s Who in North America in 2009.

Mr. Michael B. Martel
(Theology & Philosophy, Literature)

Mr. Michael B. Martel graduated in 1976 from Thomas Aquinas College (TAC) in Ojai, California with a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts. TAC is a great book’s program where only original works of the great authors of our Western Tradition are read and discussed in round table fashion. To a great extent his experience at TAC formed his love of learning and the joy of passing on that learning to willing minds eager to know the truth. "There’s no greater delight than seeing the beginnings of enlightenment dawning on the intellect of the young person struggling to become learned. If I can help “turning on the lights” in any way I feel immensely rewarded."

Mr. Martel has been heavily involved with the homeschooling movement both in homeschooling co-ops and private tutoring in the Saint Louis Metropolitan Area. Over the years he has taught Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Precalculus, Calculus, English Literature, Spanish, Latin, French, Greek, German at St John Bosco Co-op, St Francis de Sales Co-op, and to many private students. He has also conducted great books seminars on Mortimer Adler’s book “How to Read a Book” and a selection of science classics such as Michael Faraday’s “The Chemical History of a Candle” and Michael Beehe’s “Darwin’s Black Box”. For the last year he has been conducting a seminar on American Political Writings with a group of 7 students including 2 moms! He has also taught at Seton School in Manassas, VA for four years and Gateway Academy for five years.

Mr. Steven C. Mercer
(Faith & Reason)

Mr. Steven C. Mercer is married, has six children, and is a convert to the Catholic Faith.  Steve graduated Magna Cum Laude from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Aerospace Engineering (yes, he is a rocket scientist).

Steve has worked in the Aerospace industry for over 15 years, but his love is learning, thinking, and teaching the Catholic Faith.  Steve is currently working on several projects which will express Catholic economic teaching in practical distributism. Steve also has a Hobbit’s passion for growing things and eating good food.

Stephen J. Pieper, M.D., MTS 
(Ecclesiology & Magisterial Documents)

Dr. Pieper and his wife are natives of St. Louis. Dr. Pieper completed is Medical Degree at Washington University in St. Louis. Research interests and publications related to the biochemistry of cardiac metabolism with ethanol, cellular assays for heart failure and signal processing of hear rate variability. He completed his Fellowship Training Cardiovascular Diseases at the Mayo Foundation in Rochester, MN, followed by a Fellowship in Cardiovascular Electrophysiology at the Mayo Foundation. In 1995, he and his wife Jackie and four children returned to St. Louis, where Dr. Pieper joined the Heart Health Center.

He served as Director of Cardiovascular Electrophysiology at the Missouri Baptist Medical Center from that time until 2009 when his practice integrated with Mercy Clinic. Dr. Pieper is currently Director of Cardiovascular Electrophysiology and Pacing at Mercy Clinic St. Louis. As well, he served as Medical Director for Medical and Surgical Specialties at the Clinic in 2010 and 2011.

He is a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology and the Heart Rhythm Society. Dr. Pieper completed a Masters in Theological Studies from Ave Maria University in 2008.  He has continued since that time to teach part time middle school and high school theology with a particular interest in Patristics, Saints, Magisterial Documents, Documents of Vatican Council II and Sacraments.

Mr. David M. Williams
(Writings of the Doctors of the Church, Ecclesiology & Magisterial Documents)

Mr. David M. Williams is married, has six children, and is a convert to the Catholic Faith.  David graduated Magna Cum Laude at Oral Roberts University with a degree in Organizational and Interpersonal Communication as well as a major in Theological & Historical Studies with an emphasis in Philosophy.  These studies laid the foundation for an elective school titled Breakthrough Education which David founded in 2002. David is presently pursuing a Master of Arts in Theology with the Augustine Institute in Denver, Colorado.

Since 2002, David has trained hundreds of students in six different states many vital skills that are necessary to excel at college and beyond. Breakthrough Education continues to offer a variety of subjects in live classrooms and online classrooms ranging from Public Speaking, Leadership Development, Organizational Skills, Memorization Skills, Religion, Bible, Literature, History, and Philosophy.

David’s professional background also includes eight years of experience in corporate training and online learning development, and he presently owns a printing press with an emphasis in providing resources for educating families in the Catholic faith.  You can find out more about Devout Heart Press at  David has a passion for instilling lifelong skills particularly in helping people articulate the Catholic Faith and he prays each day that God can continue to use him to exhort the Church Militant to become responsible lovers of Jesus Christ and his Church as they continue to discern their vocation.